Whisky , deep down on

I got five on it : me bottle of whiskey like usual.  I am in front of me dogs, standing tall.  Me bottle of whiskey, finest made by me in the near rocky  rural area around unknown ghost town . We are fain, just in time for a quick meal , along side the river with fresh water  that I am boiling it up for a nice already make  meal . Ia , life is great , again , the sun is shinning like usual , the grass is green like never before , me coup of coffee is near side me . Me  main gun , me stick , many thoughts and a nice little fog almost invisible to human eyes , standing and merging with river waters ,  the rain is producing this kind of whether is  all around the river bead , no need to get a bad day today for this reason only. I on good track, thanks to Lord above . Today it is a fain day , like me and me day and all day’s to come . 🙂 .

When the rain was in the path to Earth

Is a bliss of ray of light in the mist of poring rain , me dogs are hide under the sheep shadows , waiting . The Sun , in All his power raised a hand of glorious sparkles of lights and a warm feeling of hope . We have green grass for a while until August winds were to appear again and again like usual . Hm , we are in paradise , we going to have lamb and salty jerky for our meal , praised be Lord .

The rain had stop from kissing the earth surface , the dogs barking away and a clumsy mule raging like red bull had his time of liberty all alone , running like in first day of his life , We are just fine , me and a bottle almost full at first with whisky and a salty pork along side a fresh baked bread with Sun flower seed  .


G D !

The way , my way or else hit the road where you want , Jack . My father was saying this all his life , this was a statement and the way we enduring the has conditions of Blue Planet , we are Shepherds of God ! The dogs , a shepherd boy ( me) passing by the River that sometimes is crossing the S state limits once the rain season has started hopping and praying for a green grass , for not to miss any of sheep or nor a single dog . We are , the rest is a making yet to come on us , and the wind oho hm , was windy as usual . 🙂
Day Good , me son , day good ! After this words of wishing , the days are becoming more nice and simple like life her self . Life .                                                                                                                                                                                     It was after a has winter , cold like colt sight , me as a young boy , beside my stick and a colt always had a baseball hat for cold mornings . A bottle and some alcohol often whisky bought from Susan a fain S Mexican moved up hear in , in The land of liberty .I was and I still em at home , free .